Joint New Zealand and Australia Meeting of Humboldt Fellows, Wellington November 2017

Location and timetable

Start: 3pm Friday, November 17, 2017
End: 2pm Sunday, November 19, 2017
Location of meeting: Royal Society of NZ Building, 11 Turnbull St, Wellington 6011

Theme:  Our changing world in the South Pacific

The meeting will seek to address this topic broadly, encompassing the following.

  • How do we face the manifold challenges of the future?
  • What is the impact of long-term migration on culture?
  • How do we tackle the impact of climate change on fragile ecosystems and economies?
  • How do we prepare for aging societies with associated illness?
  • How does science help with addressing health and dietary needs of society?
  • How do we support the humanities, literature and “blue sky” research against relentless “commercial” pressures?
  • How do we harness technology effectively while protecting privacy?

The participants will cover a broad range of disciplines, including a wide representation of Australian and New Zealand academics. We have also invited speakers who have significant impact on public policy; distinguished guest researchers from Germany;
early career researchers and potential Humboldt applicants; and representatives of organisations with strong cultural and other links to Germany. We seek to achieve the Humboldt vision of a broad scientific and intellectual endeavour.

Invited Speakers
We framed the overall theme by inviting the following plenary speakers:

  • Professor Juliet Gerrard (Chair of Marsden Council of New Zealand)
  • Dr Dave Lowe (MBIE Coordinator for NZ-Germany Science)
  • Professor Christopher Kellett (Newcastle)
  • Professor Laura Parry (Melbourne)
  • Professor Dame Anne Salmond (Auckland)

We are delighted to welcome the following distinguished German researchers.

  • Professor Zoya Ignatova (University of Hamburg)
  • Professor Kai Matuscheski (Humboldt University, Berlin)
  • Professor Gerold Schneider (Technical University Hamburg)

Dr Katrin Amian will represent the Humboldt Foundation.

Contributed talks
There is also an opportunity for a limited number of contributed talks. Please provide title and short abstract for the talk as part of your registration form. Preference will be given to talks which contribute broadly to the chosen theme. The organising committee will notify you of its decision in  September.

The full program is now available.


Update: most accommodation was released on August 31, at the end of registration but some of the venues listed below may still be able to assist you.

Be warned: a major rugby league event takes place in Wellington on Saturday 18 November, so the city will be busy, and accommodation will be incredibly expensive or non-existent. So act now!

We have made arrangements to hold a limited number of rooms at four hotels which are convenient to the conference venue. The rooms are available from Thursday until Sunday. Remaining rooms will be released on August 31.

We recommend strongly that you act immediately to book rooms!  Below find contact details for these hotels; follow the <Information for booking> or <Link to book> for details on how to reserve the rooms and “special offers” they hold for participants at this meeting.

We also recommend that you use standard hotel and accommodation search engines since they may provide different / better / more suitable options.


Registration has now closed for the meeting. If you are interested to attend, contact Eamonn. We may still be able to accommodate you.

Participants and Timetable
The full program and the list of participants are now available.

Social events

  • A catered reception will be held at the residence of the German Ambassador on Friday evening, 17 November,  from 1900. Buses will take participants between the RSNZ Building and Ambassador’s residence.
  • The conference dinner will be held in the ICON Restaurant at Te Papa Museum on Saturday evening, 18 November, from 1900.
  • Morning / afternoon tea and lunch will be provided at the conference venue.

Numbers for both dinners are limited so we encourage you to register early to guarantee a place. Participants at the meeting will have highest priority for attendance at the Ambassador’s function.

We ask Humboldtians to contribute to the costs of these events by paying $150.

We also ask for $100 payment for an accompanying person attending dinner.

New and emerging researchers: Financial support

We expect that about 1/3 of the participants will be new and emerging researchers. It’s a splendid opportunity to discuss options with representatives of the Humboldt Foundation, obtain advice on related matters from experienced researchers, and to identify possible hosts for a research stay in Germany. It also provides an excellent opportunity to identify potential “local” collaborators. We have set aside a block of time on Saturday afternoon to showcase research by new-and-emerging researchers, including short lectures and poster displays.

Thanks to the generosity of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation,  and the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, we guarantee funding up to the following limits to support your participation.

  • NZ$350 as a contribution to your local costs in Wellington.
  • NZ$200 / 125  as a contribution to travel costs from Dunedin / other NZ locations.
  • NZ$500 as a contribution to travel costs from Australia.

Payments will be made on production of receipts and after the meeting. We also waive the cost to you of attending the two associated dinners. As part of registration, we ask for a contribution of NZ$50 to demonstrate your commitment to taking part.

Financial support for Humboldtians

Some of the costs of the conference are funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.  Once the total costs associated with running the meeting and supporting new and emerging researchers are covered, all remaining funding will be used to reimburse participants.  The level of reimbursement will depend on the final number of participants and total costs, and will occur only after the meeting.


The principal sponsor of the meeting is the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment  and the German Embassy in New Zealand.

Celebrating 40 years of scientific celebration

In 2017 we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Science and Technology agreement between Germany and each of New Zealand and Australia.  Our  meeting will acknowledge this important event by hosting a public lecture by Dr Dave Lowe (MBIE Coordinator for New Zealand – Germany Science + Innovation Relationship)  reporting on “The Science and Technology agreement 40 years on: A model for cooperative success between countries”.

Tourism activities

We recommend you consider one of the following highlights:

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa   

Zealandia Ecosanctuary

Last updated 6 October 2017